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Upcoming Events
- Band Aid Fundraiser
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
- Kane County Cougars Game
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
District 105 Announcements
Band-Aid Benefit
The District 105 Annual Band-Aid Benefit will take place on Thursday, April 17th at 7:30pm.  This charity concert is a wonderful opportunity for the students and community of Gurrie Middle School to make a difference in our environment through community outreach and charity. It will be held at Gurrie Middle School, 1001 S. Spring Avenue in La Grange.
There is no set admission at the door, however generous donations will be accepted. All proceeds will benefit the American Diabetes Association, a charity chosen by Mark DeWeese and Amanda Dahms, and voted on by the District 105 Fine Arts students.  The benefit concert will feature the Gurrie Concert Band, Gurrie Concert Orchestra, Junior Sinfonietta, Gurrie Choir, and the GMS Jazz Ensemble, as well as faculty performances. 
Directors Jerry Lowrey, Tracy Kay, and Violet Muser invite the entire community to attend this important event. Please come out and show your support for the spirit of charity and help the kids of District 105 make a difference.
No Classes - Friday, April 18
Friday, April 18 is a non-attendance day.  Classes resume on Monday April 21.
Career Festival
FIRST District 105 Career Festival - April 23 6:30PM Gurrie Middle School

5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and their parents are invited to attend District 105’s first Career Festival to help make connections between school today and future career choices tomorrow.
Featured speakers include Career Counseling and Entrepreneurial experts from JVS Chicago who will give tips on choosing careers that match your interests and skills, cost effective strategies for college, and entrepreneurial career ideas for students and adults.  In a “trade show format”, students and their parents will also visit with career representatives from a spectrum of careers to learn about various jobs and career options and the courses and interests needed to pursue those careers.
Special activities, snacks, and childcare available for children 3 years old through 4th grade.

Wednesday April 23, 2014 at Gurrie Middle School from 6:30-8:30 PM.

See attached flyer for more information.


Los estudiantes de 5°, 6°, 7°, and 8° grados y sus familias, están invitados al Primer Festival de Profesiones del Distrito 105, para ayudarles a hacer conexiones de lo que están aprendiendo ahora con las carreras que pueden escoger en el futuro. 
Destacados presentadores y expertos en carreras, consejería y empresas pertenecientes al grupo JVS  de Chicago les darán consejos sobre: cómo elegir las carreras que coincidan con sus intereses y habilidades, estrategias rentables para la universidad, e ideas de carreras empresariales   para estudiantes y adultos.  Los estudiantes y sus padres podrán pasar por varios  puestos en donde representantes de diferentes carreras les hablaran de sus trabajos y de las opciones y cursos que les ayudaron a llegar a esa profesión.

Tendremos actividades especiales, botanas y les cuidaremos los niños.

El miércoles 23 de abril En la Escuela Gurrie a las 6:30 PM

Mire el folleto adjunto.
·         District 105 earns high national rankings in student achievement and progress on nationally norm-referenced math and reading assessments. The 2013-14 fall and winter results are up again from previous years. 
·         District 105 and all five of our schools received the highest overall rating from students, staff, and parents on the Illinois’ 2013 5Essentials Surveys. 
·         The District 105 School Board is fiscally responsible. Even with increasing enrollment and reductions in State and Federal funding for mandated programs, District 105 operational expenses in 2012-13 were 2% less than 2011-12.
·         Enrollment in the District 105 Band and Orchestra Programs has increased more than 50% of the last three years. Participation in music strongly correlates with academic success as 93% of our music students were named to the academic Honor Roll.
School Announcements

February 28, 2014

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Each year students in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade are required to take the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). This test is intended to measure student learning against the Common Core Standards. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders take ISAT tests in reading and math. Fourth graders take two additional tests in science. The data from standardized tests (including MAP and ISAT), report card information, classroom observations, developmental continuums, and individual classroom assessments are used to help determine the needs and strengths of Ideal students. All of these pieces of data are used every year to determine student learning over time and help inform our instructional focus throughout the year.

To ensure that your child performs at an optimum level, we are asking you to help in the following ways:
  • Please be sure that your child has a good night’s sleep prior to the test date.
  • Make sure that your child eats a nutritious breakfast. There is research evidence that a breakfast that included protein improves performance.
  • Provide a nutritious snack on testing days.
  • Please help your child be on time each day: Be Here & Ready. Testing will start for many grade levels right after our morning assembly. Your child will not be able to enter the classroom once the testing has started. 
  • Attendance is important throughout the two weeks of testing; however, do not send a sick child to school.
We know that you provide these helpful strategies on a daily basis, but wanted to take a moment to remind you during these very busy days. Please contact your child’s teacher or myself if you have any questions regarding ISAT testing. Thank you in advance for your efforts to support your son or daughter during this testing window.


Steve Bahn and the Ideal Staff
Images of Ideal
Ideal's Clip System: A School-Wide Initiative to Improve Consistency and Encourage Positive Choices

As a school, we have determined that a more consistent way to help students monitor their behavior across all areas of the building was needed. We have decided to adopt The Clip System. This system has been utilized by several school districts and has shown to be an effective way to monitor student behavior and improve communication.
Here’s how the system works:
Each teacher (classroom, P.E., art, music, resource rooms, library, and lunchroom) has a chart posted in his/her room that describes different levels of behavior that students typically demonstrate.  Each student is also given a clip with his or her name on it which attaches to the behavior chart.
Each day, students start with their clip on green: “Ready to Learn.” Students will move their clips up or down levels at their teacher’s direction. As students move to various classrooms throughout the day, they will take their clips with them, placing them on a different room’s chart at the same behavior level they were when they left the prior location.
Each classroom has spent time this week explicitly describing what behavior at each colored level looks and sounds like. We are confident that Ideal’s Clip System will improve students’ understanding of their academic and social expectations in all academic areas. It will also provide more opportunities for teachers to celebrate good choices made by students and engage children in meaningful conversations regarding their behavior. So, even if a mistake is made, at the very least it will be one that teaches a lesson for the future.  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we begin this new school-wide initiative. We are proud to partner with you to help make our students’ school experience a positive and meaningful!
Click HERE to view Ideal’s Clip System.
Friday Folder
Each Friday students bring home a collection of informational papers about things going on at Ideal and in our community.  Click below to see all the great information that went home in Friday Folders!

Friday, January 24th
Friday, February 7th
Friday, February 14th

Responsive Classroom and School-wide Expectations

Ideal Elementary School embraces the philosophy, teaching, and social practices of the Responsive Classroom Model.  Responsive Classroom is an evidence and researched-based approach to education that assists teachers as they engage their students in academics, create effective and safe learning environments, and build sincere, kind and supportive learning communities.  Although many facets to Responsive Classroom exist, one foundational piece is establishing learning environments that are calm and orderly and that stress the importance of student focus and autonomy.  With this key principle in mind, Ideal Elementary has developed clear and consistent social expectations for the common areas of our building.   All students have been taught these expectations and are practicing good decision making each day.  We sincerely appreciate your help as we build our positive, rigorous, and successful learning community for the 2013-2014 school year.

Thank you!
The Ideal Elementary School Staff

For more information regarding the Responsive Classroom approach, please visit its website:

Link to the District Curriculum Page

Click here to visit our District Curriculum Page. This page contains information about Common Core, instructional materials, specific grade level learning goals, curriculum renewal cycles, student performance data, and parent resources for each curricular area. We are proud to serve the children of School District 105.